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Founder Jolien Durwael worked for the Flemish Television and Radio Broadcasting company. After 8 years she decided to start over. Jolien had worked as a social media editor in chief and a community manager. She always had a passion for telling good stories. Something she got from her grandmother Juliette Melotte. When she thought of naming her newly discovered project, she didn’t have to look far.

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Jay Jay Digital Communication. The two ‘J’s’ stand for two names. Jolien & Juliette. Juliette: This fierce woman that taught Jolien so much. To do, to be and to always keep trying. She is a great example. Her story didn’t stop when she died. Jolien tries to keep her alive by making solid decisions, being independent, falling down and getting up again.


With Juliette as our guide, we want to help you to tell your digital story. We want to help you to connect with your audience, because a good story deserves to be heard.

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Jolien Durwael


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